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Name: Box Puzzle
Description: Solve some tricky Box Puzzles by getting rid of the nasty critters on each and every puzzle board you see! Progress to more difficult levels and become the master of Box Puzzle!

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 4362

Box Puzzle

Name: Lost in the City
Description: After the first date with a charming girl named April, our hero wakes up alone in an unknown abandoned city after being drugged. He is trapped and believes this somehow involves April. Explore the city while trying to investigate how April is involved. Help the hero survive in an atmosphere of drama and suspense. Are you Lost in the City?

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 1276

Lost in the Ci

Name: The Quest 2
Description: Make your way through The Quest 2 in this exciting puzzle game! Match the like colored balls to make it through every level! Can you escape the dangerous dungeon and succeed in your quest?

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 4199

The Quest 2

Name: Dragon & Wizard
Description: Help a friendly wizard defeat a deadly dragon by finding the differences in two different pictures as quickly as you can! Watch the timer to progress the story, but be careful that you don`t head in the wrong direction! Keep your eyes peeled for the differences!

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 1179

Dragon & W

Name: Born in a Barn
Description: Help a young dragon find his place in Born in a Barn, a fun and exciting Puzzle game! Spot the differences in the pictures to advance, after carefully examining both beautifully drawn scenes. Can you find the changes from one picture to the next?

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 3582

Born in a Barn

Name: Quilting Time
Description: Get ready to be spoiled by the lovable Grandma Giddywinks and some delightful Puzzle-solving fun! It`s quilting time! Every quilt has a distinct pattern, and it is your objective to try and impress Grandma Giddywinks by uncovering the pattern and completing your quilt block before time runs out! With many patterns to complete and plenty of quilt fabrics to choose from, the varieties of quilt puzzles are endless.

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 958

Quilting Time

Name: Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases
Description: Help Nelly find and save her brother from a mysterious Romanian castle! Dive into the castle’s magical pictures and discover the secrets of the Philosophers’ Stone. Use your Hidden Object skills in Treasure Seekers: The Enchanted Canvases to break the spells on the castle and track down Tom. Find the wicked person responsible for imprisoning him and take home the ancient and priceless treasure!

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 896

Treasure Seeke

Name: Colour Bugs
Description: Catch some cute critters in Colour Bugs! Draw a lasso of the same colour as the bug to round it up, and capture it! Grab as many as you can, while avoiding deadly spiders, and the wrong colored ladybugs. How many can you imprison?

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 921

Colour Bugs

Name: Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey
Description: Help Jennifer, a young marine biologist, win the Best Aquarium Award. Dive to the bottom of the sea and find various hidden items in numerous eye-teasing locations. Earn cash to buy cute sea creatures and gorgeous ornaments and create unique aquariums. Choose from tons of accessories and supplies to make the life of your exotic swimming pets fun and comfortable. Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey lets your Fishination run wild in this dazzling Hidden Object game!

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 908

Fishdom H2O: H

Name: Ocean Matches
Description: Have some fun as you make Ocean Matches! Chain together combos to score as many points as you can. Use powerful upgrades to get the high score in this exciting Match 3 game. Can you beat your own high score before the timer runs out?

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 990

Ocean Matches

Name: Ancient Quest of Saqqarah
Description: Travel to Saqqarah, an ancient Egyptian dwelling, where an eclipse transpires every thousand years. Below this eclipse, a magical underground oasis exists under a pyramid filled with puzzles, treasures, and legends. You must fulfill an Egyptian prophecy to stop an evil god from breaking out of his tomb in this Match 3 puzzler. In order to succeed, master seven distinct types of puzzles in Ancient Quest of Saqqarah.

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 928

Ancient Quest

Name: Bug Box
Description: Help a butterfly get home by moving other bugs out of the way in this fun and exciting puzzle game! Use as few moves as you can and find your way out of the tricky maze. Escape from the forest and find delicious freedom as you fly away

Category: Puzzle
Number of Times Played: 1003

Bug Box

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